Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 1 pp 98—113

Aging enhances liver fibrotic response in mice through hampering extracellular matrix remodeling

Figure 1. More severe liver fibrosis in old mice independently of profibrogenic processes. (A) CCl4 was injected three times a week for two weeks to young and old mice (n=6/group). Livers were harvested two days after the last injection. (B) Sirius red stained liver sections in CCl4-treated mice (magnification 80x). Scale bare 100µm. Collagen fibers were evaluated as percentage of stained area in the section (n=6/group). (C) Hepatic gene expression of Collagen I, alphaSma and Tgfbeta (Mean ± SEM) (n=6/group). (D) Activated stellate cells were identified by alphaSMA immunohistochemistry staining in young and old mice 48 hours after the last CCl4 injection (magnification 80x) (n=6/group). Scale bare 100µm. Statistical analysis was performed by two-way ANOVA for repeated measures (boxes) followed by Bonferroni’s post-hoc correction. **P<0.01 for differences between age groups.