Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 12 pp 3430—3449

Early and progressive deficit of neuronal activity patterns in a model of local amyloid pathology in mouse prefrontal cortex


Figure 1. Production of an AAV vector to express human mutated APP. (A) Adeno-associated virus construct encoding for the 695 amino acid isoform of the human APP harbouring three pathogenic mutations (hAPP-SLA). The mutations in the APP sequence are highlighted. S: Swedish, L: London, A: Austrian mutations. (B) A HEK cell line was transfected with the viral vector expressing APP-SLA. Cells were positive for APP (red) and visualized with the anti-FLAG antibody. Negative control: HEK cells without being transduced with the viral vector and stained with the anti-FLAG antibody. Scale bar = 50 µm.