Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 12 pp 3430—3449

Early and progressive deficit of neuronal activity patterns in a model of local amyloid pathology in mouse prefrontal cortex


Figure 2. Detection of hAPP and Aβ oligomers in the PFC at 1 mpi of AAV-hAPP-SLA in WT mice. In vivo detection of hAPP (A1), Aβ oligomers (A2-A4), GCaMP6f (B), DAPI (C) and merged (D). Immunofluorescence images at low (1, 2), medium (3) and high (4) magnification. Scale bars = (1) 100 µm, (2, 3) 200 µm and (4) 50 µm. (E) Aβ oligomers were not detected in sham mice injected with the control vector AAV-tdTomato. Scale bar = 50 µm. (F) Quantification of Aβ oligomer diffusion in sham and hAPP mice. (G) Quantification of Aβ oligomer diffusion in hAPP mice at three different timepoints. (Student’s test, P < 0.0001, 3 mice for each group).