Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 1 pp 256—285

Melatonin-micronutrients Osteopenia Treatment Study (MOTS): a translational study assessing melatonin, strontium (citrate), vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MK7) on bone density, bone marker turnover and health related quality of life in postmenopausal osteopenic women following a one-year double-blind RCT and on osteoblast-osteoclast co-cultures

Figure 7. Effect of MSDK on osteoclast differentiation. On day 21 of MSDK exposure, TRAP releasing activity by differentiated, mature osteoclasts was evaluated by quantitative Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase (TRAP) assay on the (A) top chamber cells of transwell co-culture and (B) layered co-culture. Each bar represents the mean fluorescence reading of TRAP (at 405nm ex, 515nm em) for respective groups normalized against Os-/Veh (n=3; Transwell co-culture: **=p<.01 vs. Os-/Veh; Layered co-culture: *=p<.05 vs. Os-/Veh). Os- =basal media, Os+ =osteogenic media, Veh= vehicle, Mel= melatonin, SC= strontium citrate, D3= vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), K2= vitamin K2 (MK7).