Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 2 pp 370—380

The expression of the BPIFB4 and CXCR4 associates with sustained health in long-living individuals from Cilento-Italy

Figure 3C-F. Migratory ability of LLI MNCs is impaired in non-healthy donors and associates with percentage of membrane CXCR4-positive cells. (C) Representative flow cytometry plot showing CXCR4pos MNCs in migrated and not migrated fractions. Negative control (Neg CTRL) indicates not stained MNCs. (D-F) Association analysis of SDF-1α-migrated MNCs and percentage of CXCR4pos cells (P=0.04), percentage of CXCR4pos cells and CXCR4 relative expression (P=0.04), and SDF-1α-migrated MNCs and CXCR4 relative expression (P=0.06).