Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 2 pp 408—418

Impact of resistance training on the autophagy-inflammation-apoptosis crosstalk in elderly subjects

Figure 3. Effects of resistance training on Ser757 phospho-ULK-1, beclin-1 and LAMP-2 expression. Representative Western blots and densitometric quantification of Ser757 phospho-ULK-1 (A), beclin-1 (B) and LAMP-2 (C) in PBMCs in response to 8 weeks of resistance training for TG and the same period of normal daily routines for CG. Protein from PBMCs was separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, followed by immunoblotting. Equal loading of proteins is illustrated by β-actin bands. Values are means ± SEM.*p<0.05 vs. CG; #p<0.05 vs. Pre within a group.