Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 2 pp 315—339

Improved health-span and lifespan in mtDNA mutator mice treated with the mitochondrially targeted antioxidant SkQ1

Figure 3. Effects of SkQ1 treatment on estrus cycle in mtDNA mutator mice. (A) Examples of graphs of estrus cycles in non-treated and SkQ-treated mtDNA mutator female mice. Examination of estrus cycle was done by light microscopy of vaginal smears. Estrus was characterized by the presence of large cornified cells with degenerated nuclei and was indicated as estrus stage 2 on the graphic presentation. Diestrus was identified by presence of leucocytes and mucous and was indicated as 0 on graphs. Proestrus and metestrus were characterized by the presence of nucleated epithelial cells or leucocytes together with cornified cells and were indicated on the graphs as intermediate stages 0.5 – 1.5. (B) Number of estruses during 12 days measured as a function of age (± 7 days). The points are means ± S.E. of 7-8 female mice for each group. * indicates a statistically significant difference between non-treated and SkQ1-treated mice (p < 0.05).