Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 2 pp 524—546

Compound effects of aging and experimental FSGS on glomerular epithelial cells

Figure 2. Podocyte density was lower at baseline in aged mice, and in aged mice with FSGS. (A-C) Quantification of podocyte density. Graphs A and B show the average podocyte density in podocytes per glomerular volume (µm3) for individual animals in OC and JM glomeruli respectively. Graph C shows podocyte density for individual animals when OC and JM glomeruli are combined, which serves as a representation of the entire section. Podocyte density was lower in aged baseline mice than young baseline mice in glomeruli of the OC (A), JM (B), and when combined (C). Aged FSGS mice also had lower podocyte density in OC (A), JM (B), and combined (C) glomeruli than young FSGS mice, despite young mice experiencing a larger magnitude of podocyte depletion with FSGS. (D-G) PAS/p57 double staining. Representative images of glomeruli at 20x magnification, with higher magnifications shown in D’-G’ of the glomerulus marked by solid black square. Podocytes were identified by p57+ staining (brown color, nuclear) against the pink PAS counterstain.