Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 2 pp 524—546

Compound effects of aging and experimental FSGS on glomerular epithelial cells

Figure 7. Extracellular matrix accumulation was higher in Bowman’s capsule of aged FSGS mice. (A-L) Collagen IV (Col IV) staining. Representative images taken at 40x of Col IV staining (brown color) along Bowman’s capsule only (A-D, solid arrows), glomerular tuft only (E-H, dashed arrows), or along Bowman’s capsule and the glomerular tuft (I-L, solid and dashed arrows respectively). (M-X) Jones’(Silver) staining. Representative images taken at 40x of Jones’ basement membrane staining along BC only (M-P, yellow solid arrow), in the glomerular tuft only (Q-T, dashed yellow arrow), and both along BC and in the tuft (U-X, solid and dashed yellow arrows respectively) confirmed the staining patterns of Col IV.