Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 665—686

Lesion complexity drives age related cancer susceptibility in human mammary epithelial cells

Figure 2. The number of centrosomes per cell varies with dose and age. Centrosome aberrations were further classified into cells containing 3 centrosomes (3P= 3 pericentrin foci) and those that had 4 or more (≥4P pericentrin foci). The fraction of cells with 3P and >4P were graphed relative to control. Roughly equitoxic doses of Cs and Ti were used for exposures (LD-CS = 0.12 Gy; HD-CS = 0.8 Gy; LD-Ti = 0.05 Gy; HD-Ti = 0.5 Gy). The dose effect on the change in 3P (A) and ≥4P (B) populations relative to control is shown. Wilcox test was used to determine statistical significance, *=p<0.05. The normalized proportion of aberrant cells with either 3P (C) or >4P (D) was plotted as a function of age. Regression lines analyzing the trends as a function of age were fitted to these data.