Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 665—686

Lesion complexity drives age related cancer susceptibility in human mammary epithelial cells

Figure 3. Centrosome aberrations in age-grouped cohorts. Strains exposed to Ti at a low dose (LD= 0.05 Gy) or high dose (HD= 0.5 Gy), were sub-grouped into young, middle and old. The frequency of cells with 3P and ≥4P was compared between the different age ranges (A and B respectively). The horizontal black dotted line represents the mean frequency of centrosome aberrations in the younger age groups. Error bars represent maximum and minimum values within each age group. (C) Centrosome aberrations were assessed at 3 days (D3), 9 days (D9) and 12 days (D12) post-exposure. Regression lines that model the relationship between age and the normalized mean centrosome aberration frequency are plotted for the various days. Data represent two independent sets for D3 and D12 for Ti ion and D9 for CS. Data from 4 independent experiments are plotted for D9 Ti.