Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 706—740

Genomic deletion of GIT2 induces a premature age-related thymic dysfunction and systemic immune system disruption

Figure 8. GIT2 genomic deletion engenders a consistent signaling pathway signature across multiple immune tissues. Venn diagram analysis of the significant signaling pathway modulatory effects of GIT2 deletion (assessed using IPA-based canonical signaling pathway annotation of GIT2KO-specific significantly-regulated transcripts in ILN, MLN, spleen and thymus tissues) in the ILN, MLN, spleen and thymus of GIT2KO mice compared to age-matched WT controls. For each significantly-enriched signaling pathway derived from the respective transcriptomic datasets a pathway activation score was derived by subtraction of the number of downregulated transcripts from the number of upregulated transcripts that mediated the enrichment of the specific signaling pathway. In the Venn diagram numbers in italics represent upregulated transcripts, underlined numbers represent downregulated transcripts, red numbers represent transcripts possessing diverse expression polarities (A). The Venn diagram in panel A indicates that there are 17 coherently-regulated signaling pathways common to all tissues studied – 13 upregulated and 4 downregulated. The respective pathway scores of these pathways and their functional identities are indicated in the histogram in panel B. Pathways with a 0 pathway activation score were considered positive – a zero score indicated an even number of up and downregulated enriching transcripts.