Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 769—777

Individualizing treatment targets for elderly patients with type 2 diabetes: factors influencing clinical decision making in the 24-week, randomized INTERVAL study


Figure 2. (A) Baseline factors affecting target setting (overall and by country). *For categorical covariates, the estimate is the difference between the adjusted means of comparison-reference in the corresponding category. For continuous covariates, the estimate is the change in adjusted means per unit. **Patients from Finland were identified by a single investigator. The figure estimates the difference between adjusted means for different factors potentially driving the individualized target setting and thus no reliable statistics for such a low sample size (n=2) could be generated. Hence, Finland has been removed. (B) Baseline HbA1c versus target reduction HbA1c. (C) Sex status versus target reduction HbA1c. (D) Baseline weight versus targeted individualized HbA1c by frailty status.