Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 803—822

Age-associated chromatin relaxation is enhanced in Huntington’s disease mice


Figure 2. Differentially expressed target sequences (DETSs) in young and aged mouse models of Huntington’s disease (HD). (A) Heatmap of amplicon levels. The heatmap is arbitrarily divided into upper and lower areas, with the former containing highly expressed amplicons from the aged samples. (B) Comparison of DETSs in different functional categories between wild-type and HD samples. The number of DETSs in each category is indicated on the bar. DNA meth, DNA methylation; K-(de)meth, lysine methylation and demethylation; PRC & PRG, Polycomb group proteins and PCR-regulated genes; Deacet, histone deacetylation; Ubiq, ubiquitination. (C) Expression levels of senescence-category DETSs commonly detected in wild-type and HD samples. Error bars, standard deviation.