Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 803—822

Age-associated chromatin relaxation is enhanced in Huntington’s disease mice


Figure 5. Analysis of age-associated pattern of change in epi-driver gene expressions in Huntington’s disease mice. Fold changes were measured for the epi-driver gene amplicons in the categories of acetylation (A), lysine (K) methylation (B), K demethylation (C), Polycomb-repressive complex (PRC, C), and DNA methylation (D). In B-D, amplicons are differentially marked according to their modification effects on chromatin accessibility: open circles indicate increased accessibility; solid circles indicate reduced accessibility; and grey circles for cases involving either increased or reduced accessibility. (E) Summary of the upward (Δ) or downward (∇) change in expression of epi-driver genes in each category. ‘-‘ indicate no significant change. Ho and Hy, old and young HD samples.