Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 1012—1029

MicroRNA-434-3p regulates age-related apoptosis through eIF5A1 in the skeletal muscle

Figure 1. Aging alters miRNA expression profile in skeletal muscle. (A and B) Total RNA was isolated from the skeletal muscles from three-month-old young control and 26-month-old aging mice and used in miRNA microarray analyses to determine the expression levels of mouse miRNAs. Data on the scatter plot shows log10-transformed signal intensities for each probe labeled with Cy3 (young) and Cy5 (aging) mice (A). The heat map shows miRNAs significantly differentially expressed in skeletal muscle from aging mice (B). Each dot represents one miRNA probe. (C) Differentially-regulated (≥ 1.5 fold) age-related miRNAs.