Priority Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 3 pp 627—649

Mitochondrial protein Fus1/Tusc2 in premature aging and age-related pathologies: critical roles of calcium and energy homeostasis

Figure 2. Premature signs of systemic aging in Fus1 KO mice. KO mice (upper row) show signs of lordokyphosis (hunchbacked spine, pointed with arrow) and thinning of subcutaneous fat earlier than WT mice (bottom row). Also, hair-growth assay showed that 12 m.o. WT mice (n = 5) partially re-grew their hair at 10 days after shaving (bottom row) and had completely restored hair at 1 month after shaving while none of the KO mice (n = 5) showed hair growth at 10 days and all of them failed to close the shaved area even after 3 months. Shaving areas are circled.