Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 4 pp 1307—1325

Paradoxical aging in HIV: immune senescence of B Cells is most prominent in young age

Figure 1. Serological response to H1N1 in HIV (Black) and HC (Grey). (A) H1N1 specific HAI titer at T0, T1 and T2 between young and old HIV (black) and HC (grey) participants. Statistical significance (p value <0.05, Wilcoxon test) is depicted as * and †. (B) Mean ±SEM of fold change, (T2/T0) in H1N1-specific HAI titer; Mann-Whitney test did not show differences to be significant. (C) Correlation of biological age with HAI titer at T2 in HC (left) and HIV (right) by Spearman correlation test. Serological values are expressed in log2 scale. Age groups are depicted as squares (young, <40 years), triangles (middle, 40-60 years) and circles (old, ≥60 years).