Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 4 pp 1307—1325

Paradoxical aging in HIV: immune senescence of B Cells is most prominent in young age

Figure 9. Time under cART reduces B cell immune activation and immune senescence but has no effect on PDL1 expression on B cells. (A) The frequency of the CD80+ B cells (Left) and CD80+ Naïve B cells (Right) before vaccination was correlated with duration of cART. (B) Frequencies of the double negative B cells were correlated with the years under cART. (C) Frequencies of the PDL1+ B cells at T0 were correlated with the years under cART. Age groups are depicted as squares (young, <40 years), triangles (middle, 40-59 years) and circles (old, ≥60 years). Spearman correlation was performed.