Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 5 pp 1414—1432

The protein kinase MBK-1 contributes to lifespan extension in daf-2 mutant and germline-deficient Caenorhabditis elegans

Figure 1. Evidence for phosphorylation of Ser326 in C. elegans DAF-16. (A) Schematic drawing (to scale) of the DAF-16 protein (isoform c/a1). The location of a phosphopeptide derived from immunoprecipitated GFP::DAF-16 by tryptic digest, is shown in orange. The phosphorylation site was mapped to Ser326. (B) ClustalΩ alignment of the full length sequences of human FOXO family members and C. elegans DAF-16. Only the part spanning the Ser326-containing phosphopeptide is shown. The phosphorylated Serine in DAF-16 (Ser326), and its corresponding sites in FOXO1 (Ser329), FOXO3 (Ser325), FOXO4 (Ser273) and FOXO6 (not present) are highlighted in blue. Additional residues specifying the DYRK1A consensus motifs [32,33,65] are highlighted in red and yellow.