Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 6 pp 1552—1564

Melatonin prevents postovulatory oocyte aging and promotes subsequent embryonic development in the pig

Figure 2. Effects of oocyte aging and melatonin on oocyte morphology. (A) Fresh oocytes. (B) Oocytes aged for 24 hr. (C) IVA 24 hr oocytes treated with 2mM melatonin. (D) Oocytes aged for 48 hr. (E) IVA 48 hr oocytes treated with 2mM melatonin. (F) Fragmentation percentage in oocytes aged for 48 hr and treated with 2mM melatonin for 48 hr. Oocytes with abnormal morphology were indicated by arrowheads. All graphs show mean ± s.e.m. Abbreviations used in this and all subsequent figures: MT, melatonin. Independent replicates were conducted with a minimum of 30 oocytes/replicate, at least 3 stable replicates were obtained. ***P <0.001. Bar = 100 μm.