Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 6 pp 1565—1584

Identification of an 88-microRNA signature in whole blood for diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma and other chronic liver diseases

Figure 1. The expression levels of miRNAs detected by microarray were validated with qRT-PCR. The relative expression levels of miR-135a-3p (A), miR-92b-3p (B), miR-1273f (C), miR-4508 (D) were examined by qRT-PCR in another 40 whole blood samples consisting of 10 HC, 10 CHB, 10 LC and 10 HCC subjects, and compared with microarray data in the same 40 samples. The qRT-PCR reaction of each sample was performed in triplicate and the mean values were calculated. Relative expression levels are presented with the mean value of qRT-PCR or microarray data in 10 samples of each group.