Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1698—1720

Aging and sarcopenia associate with specific interactions between gut microbes, serum biomarkers and host physiology in rats

Figure 1. Gut microbial diversity in aging rats. (A) Study design highlighting the experimental plan and the measured parameters. (B) NMDS plot of OTUs using Jclass calculator for the 16S data. The points show a distinct cloud for age group 18M (green circles), while ages 8M (orange circles) and 24M (blue circles) show more overlap. (C) Overlap of observed OTUs between the different age groups. (D) Comparison of statistically different OTUs across different age groups and classification into categories. Vignette: Categorization/feature based classification of members based on statistical increase/decrease across different age windows. Abbreviations: SU – Statistically Up, SD – Statistically Down, 8M – 8 months, 18M – 18 months and 24M – 24 months.