Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1698—1720

Aging and sarcopenia associate with specific interactions between gut microbes, serum biomarkers and host physiology in rats

Figure 2. Inter-species correlations in the aging rat microbiome. (A) Indicator analysis for different age groups. Indicator OTUs with P values < 0.001 for different age groups – orange for 8M, green for 18M and blue for 24M are shown. Categorization of the indicator OTUs and their corresponding indicator values are also indicated. (B) Correlations between the statistically different OTUs. Only correlation values > 0.6 and < -0.6 are shown. The OTUs are sorted and plotted anticlockwise starting at 0 degrees, based on the number of correlations (statistically relevant and with R values > 0.6 or < -0.6) across the entire set. The OTU classified as Clostridium XIVa (highlighted in red text) at the genus level is the most correlated while the OTU classified as Acidaminobacter (highlighted in blue text) is the least correlated. Details of one to one OTU correlations are in Supplementary Figure 1 and Supplementary Materials. Abbreviations: SU – Statistically Up, SD – Statistically Down, Cat – Category, 8M – 8 months, 18M – 18 months and 24M – 24 months.