Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1698—1720

Aging and sarcopenia associate with specific interactions between gut microbes, serum biomarkers and host physiology in rats

Figure 3. Correlations between microbiome and host physiology. (A) Age group comparisons of statistical differences for measured physiological parameters, body weight (g), lean mass (%), fat mass (%), gastrocnemius muscle mass (mg/g), sciatic response amplitude (mV), triceps muscle mass (mg/g), radial response amplitude (mV), heart muscle mass (mg/g), Vitamin B12 total (pmol/L) and folate levels (nmol/L). (B) Correlations between statistically different OTUs and physiological measurements. Correlations shown are after FDR correction with Q values < 0.05. Abbreviations: SU – Statistically Up, SD – Statistically Down, Cat – Category, 8M – 8 months, 18M – 18 months and 24M – 24 months.