Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1698—1720

Aging and sarcopenia associate with specific interactions between gut microbes, serum biomarkers and host physiology in rats

Figure 4. Analysis of predicted Metagenomic Functional Content (MFC) obtained from PICRUSt. (A) Statistically different MFC’s for each comparison (8M vs 18M, 8M vs 24M, 18M vs 24M) and their overlaps are depicted. (B) Comparison of the cumulatively unique statistically different MFC’s identified in panel A is depicted across each of the studied comparisons. Red shaded boxes indicates increase in MFC levels, Grey boxes indicate no statistical difference and Blue boxes indicates decrease in MFC levels. The MFC’s are sorted according to different categories as explained in panel C. (C) Explanation of the categories or feature based classes for the statistically different MFC’s. (D) Membership of the statistically different MFC’s in each category in different pathways. Correlations shown are after FDR correction with Q values < 0.05. Abbreviations: SU – Statistically Up, SD – Statistically Down, Cat – Category, 8M – 8 months, 18M – 18 months and 24M – 24 months.