Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 7 pp 1698—1720

Aging and sarcopenia associate with specific interactions between gut microbes, serum biomarkers and host physiology in rats

Figure 5. Comparative analysis of proteomics data from the serum of aging rats (8M, 18M and 24M) obtained using aptamer-based detection method. (A) Based on the pattern of statistically significant increase (SU) and statistically significant decrease (SD) between the different ages, the proteins were classified into categories. Protein full names, Entrez Gene Names, UniProt IDs and corresponding categorical classifications of the statistically different proteins identified in the serum of the aging rats. Abbreviations: SU – Statistically Up, SD – Statistically Down, Cat – Category, 8M – 8 months, 18M – 18 months and 24M – 24 months. (B) Correlations between statistically different serum proteins and physiological measurements. Correlations shown are after FDR correction with Q values < 0.05.