Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 8 pp 1926—1940

Chronic exercise reduces hypothalamic transforming growth factor-β1 in middle-aged obese mice

Figure 1. Effects of long-term of high-fat diet consumption in Middle-Age mice. Experimental design 1 (A). Body weight and epididymal fat (B and C) (n=5-8 per group). VO2 (D), CO2 (E), RER (F) (n= 4-5 per group). Ucp1 mRNA in the brown adipose tissue (n=5-8 per group) (G). The animals were fasted for 8 hours before the brown adipose tissue extraction. Data are expressed as means ± SEM. *, p<0.05 vs Young control group and &, p<0.05 vs Middle-Age fed on chow diet.