Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 9 pp 1971—1982

Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) deficient mice are protected from adipose tissue inflammation in aging

Figure 1. High fat diet induced expression of Tlr4, Fet A and Mcp1 in the adipose tissue.Tlr4 gene expression pattern at mRNA (A) and protein (B) level in adipose tissue of 5 m old mice fed with either normal diet (ND) or high fat diet (HFD) for 16 weeks. mRNA expression of Fet A is presented in (C) and Mcp1 in (D). Data represented in bar diagrams are mean + SD value of relative mRNA expression from three independent experiments where total RNA was extracted from gonadal fat pads of ND (n=5) and HFD (n=5) mice. Proteins levels were analyzed by western blotting. Data presented here are representative image of three independent experiments. The significance levels **p<0.001 were analyzed by unpaired Student’s t-test using means and SDs.