Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 10 pp 2026—2051

Age-related gene expression in luminal epithelial cells is driven by a microenvironment made from myoepithelial cells

Figure 7. Microenvironment-imposed reduction of ELF5 causes an entire network of genes to change. Age-related changes in ELF5 are associated with age-specific changes in ELF5-target genes in LEP lineage. (A) Gene-gene correlation matrix of ELF5 (2 gene probes) and 92 ELF5-target genes (103 gene probes) found to have absolute correlation ≥ 0.5 with ELF5 in LEP from <30y and >55y age groups across 9 HMEC strains. Annotated in both the row and column bars of the correlation matrix are each ELF5-target gene probe’s correlation value to the ELF5 probes. (B) Hierarchical clustering based on log2 expression levels of ELF5 and the anti-/correlated ELF5-target genes in <30y and >55y 4p pre-stasis LEP, (C) and in Y/Y (n=3) and Y/O (n=3) co-cultures with <30y (n=5) and >55y (n=4) 4p LEP isogenic to the MEP strains used in co-culture using Euclidean distance measures and complete linkage. Percent Approximately Unbiased (AU) p-values are denoted in red, and percent Bootstrap Probability (BP) in green are calculated and annotated above each cluster.