Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 10 pp 2083—2097

Age-related decline of the acute local inflammation response: a mitigating role for the adenosine A2A receptor

Figure 2. Cytokine/chemokine levels in dorsal air pouches. (A) Concentrations of cytokine, chemokine or growth factor in cell-free exudate recovered from WT and A2AR KO mice after injecting air-pouches with phosphate buffered saline (-) or with buffer + LPS. Mice were aged 3, 6 or 15 months (m). Concentrations were measured using a multiplex immunoassay as described in Methods and are expressed as mean ± SEM for n = 12 mice. *Significantly different from the concentration measured at 3m. #Significantly different from the age-matched wild-type group. (B) Changes (%) in concentrations measured at 6m and 15m relative to 3m, in LPS-injected air pouches. (C) Variations between wild-type and A2AR-knockout mice concerning cytokine concentrations measured in LPS-injected dorsal air pouches. Values are % changes relative to age-matched WT. (D) The effect of neutrophils influx on cytokine/chemokine levels in dorsal air pouches. WT mice aged 3m were injected with anti (α)-Ly6G before injection of LPS into air pouches. Cytokine concentrations and neutrophil counts (insert) in the pouches are expressed as the change (%) relative to control mice (not injected with the antibody). Values are expressed as mean ± SEM (n = 5).