Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 11 pp 2397—2410

Residual γH2AX foci induced by low dose x-ray radiation in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells do not cause accelerated senescence in the progeny of irradiated cells

Figure 2. Immunocytochemical analysis of the γH2AX/pAТМ colocalized foci in the MSCs irradiated at low (80 mGy) vs. intermediate (1000 mGy) dose of X-ray radiation. (A) Representative immunofluorescent images of the irradiated MSCs showing pATM (green) and γH2AX (red) foci. DAPI nuclear counterstaining is shown in blue. (B) Quantification of γH2AX/pAТМ colocalized foci in cells exposed to low or intermediate doses of X-ray radiation. (C) Levels of pATM-positive γН2АХ (colocalized) foci expressed relative to maximum levels at 0.5 h after irradiation demonstrating the rate of foci clearance after irradiation. Mean values derived from at least three independent experiments are shown. Error bars represent SE.