Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 11 pp 2411—2435

TNFα-senescence initiates a STAT-dependent positive feedback loop, leading to a sustained interferon signature, DNA damage, and cytokine secretion

Figure 2. Top canonical pathways identified by IPA analysis in TNFα-induced senescence. (A) Bar chart represents the top canonical signaling pathways that were influenced during TNFα-induced senescence. p-values were determined using Fisher´s exact test with a threshold value of >0.05. Ratios represent the number of genes that mapped to a specific canonical pathway divided by the total number of genes that make up the respective pathway. (B) Relative mRNA expression of SASP components in cells treated with TNFα at 6, 16, or 26 days compared to untreated cells. (C) Relative mRNA expression of p16 and p21 in cells treated with TNFα (5ng/ml) compared to untreated cells. Results are mean ± standard deviation of n=2 independent experiments.