Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2480—2488

Transfer of autologous mitochondria from adipose tissue-derived stem cells rescues oocyte quality and infertility in aged mice

Figure 4. Promoted embyogenesis in aged mice through supplement of autologous ADSC mitochondria in MII oocytes. MII oocytes were collected from each mouse for ICSI and microinjection with mitochondria extracted from its autologous ADSCs in HTF (Mito, n=20), and for control group, the GV oocytes were collected for ICSI and microinjected with HTF (Ctrl, n=20). Then the embryos were cultured in vitro, and the embryo development was recorded (A, 20X) and developmental rates was calculated (B), showing the improved embryogenesis after autologous ADSC mitochondria supplement in aged mice.