Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2559—2586

Central role of the p53 pathway in the noncoding-RNA response to oxidative stress

Figure 1. mRNAs differentially expressed upon HUVEC exposure to H2O2. Gene Ontology enrichment analysis of the transcriptomic changes induced by HUVEC treatment with H2O2 as assessed by rRNA-depleted RNA-sequencing. Circles represent specific ontology terms or KEGG pathways that were significantly enriched in the list of differentially expressed genes after 16 hrs (A) or 36 hrs (B) of H2O2 treatment (n= 3). Edges represent term connections within the ontology tree and colors highlight terms correlated in meaning. Terms are captioned if they are the most significant of the group or if they show a biological meaning connected to the system under analysis.