Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2559—2586

Central role of the p53 pathway in the noncoding-RNA response to oxidative stress

Figure 3. LncRNAs differentially expressed upon HUVEC exposure to H2O2. HUVEC were exposed to H2O2 for 16 hrs (A) and 36 hrs (B) and lncRNA expression was measured by rRNA-depleted RNA-sequencing (n= 3). Volcano plots show adjusted p values in a negative Log10 scale and fold changes in a log2 scale. LncRNAs significantly (adjusted p values <0.05) modulated by H2O2 treatment are indicated in red. The names of top 10 modulated lncRNAs and of qPCR validated lncRNAs are indicated. (C) In independent HUVEC cultures treated as in A and B (n= 3), the modulation of the indicated lncRNAs was assayed by qPCR. The heat map shows modulated lncRNAs as log2 values. Green= down-modulation; red= up-regulation.