Editorial Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2467—2468

FOXO3 cell resilience gene neighborhood

Figure 1. Dynamics of FOXO3 in lymphoblastoid cell lines.Top: Schematic depicting results of separate FISH experiments (HACE1-FOXO3-LAMA4 and ATG5-FOXO3-AMD1) in which, in response to stress (200 µM H2O2 and serum deprivation), FOXO3 moved towards the most distant flanking genes (HACE1 and LAMA4, located 3.6 and 3.7 Mb, respectively, from FOXO3) in the 46-gene neighbourhood, as well as towards more proximally located flanking genes (ATG5 and AMD1, located 2.1 and 2.3 Mb, respectively, from FOXO3), resulting in the formation of a tight transcription complex. Bottom: FOXO3 mRNA expression was greater for cell lines containing the longevity-associated G allele of SNP rs2802292 (mean ± SE; P < 0.001).