Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2587—2609

Mitogen-activated protein kinases, Fus3 and Kss1, regulate chronological lifespan in yeast

Figure 4. Yeast lacking FUS3 exhibit sharp survival differences in response to fluctuating glucose levels. (A) Qualitative CLS spot assay of indicated yeast strains grown in SD medium with 0.5% glucose. (B) Same as A, but in SD medium with 2% glucose. (C) Same as in A but in SD medium with 20% glucose. (D-G) Overlaid survival decay profiles of WT, fus3Δ, kss1Δ, and hog1Δ grown in SD medium with 0.5%, 2%, or 20% glucose. (H) Plot of the number of days taken to reach 50% survival for the indicated yeast strains grown at different glucose concentrations, which shows that cells lacking FUS3, unlike other MAPKs, exhibit nearly linear sensitivity to fluctuations in glucose concentration. (I) Overlaid survival decay profiles of wild type cells grown under calorie restriction (0.5% glucose) and fus3Δ cells grown under calorie optimal (2% glucose) conditions, which reveals that deletion of FUS3 has nearly similar longevity extension effect as does calorie restriction of wild type cells. Error bars throughout the figure represent the standard deviation across 3 analytical replicate experiments.