Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 12 pp 2666—2694

Exosomal microRNAs derived from colorectal cancer-associated fibroblasts: role in driving cancer progression

Figure 7. MiR-21 is more abundant in CAF cells and exosomes and enriched in the exosomal compartment. (A) On a whole-cell level, CAFs express significantly more miR-21 than NOFs. (B) CAF exosomes contain significantly more miR-21 than NOF exosomes. Results obtained by Taqman qPCR and presented as mean relative fold changes for each NOF-CAF pair (n=3), analyzed in triplicate. (C) NanoString counts normalized by global mean expression for CAF cells and exosomes. Exosomal counts are expressed relative to cellular counts which were assigned the value 1. Data is presented as mean +/- SEM. Student’s t-test: ns – not significant, * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.