Editorial Volume 10, Issue 1 pp 5—6

The neuronal Shc adaptor in Alzheimer’s Disease

Figure 1. (A) ChAT fluorescent immunolabeling (Millipore, goat, 1:1000; anti-goat Alexa488 antibody) in the MS, DbB and CA1 of 10 months old male N-Shc -/- and age-matched male wt mice. (B-C) Adult (6 months old) male N-Shc -/- and age-matched male wt mice were subjected to vORT to test their cognition, by (B) the time exploring the two objects and (C) the Discrimination Index (DI; Normal cognition: DI>0.5). Data are expressed as means ±SEM. A *p < 0.05 difference was considered as statistical significant. (D) Western Blottings of septum extracts from 6 months old Tg2576 male mice were performed with specific antibodies against pShcY317 (CST, 2431S, rabbit; 1:800), N-Shc (BD Transduction Lab, 610878, mouse; 1:1000), ShcA (mouse, 1:1000) followed by the respective secondary (anti-mouse or anti-rabbit) HRP-conjugated antibodies. Actin was used as loading control.