Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 3 pp 322—338

Deficiency in DNA damage response of enterocytes accelerates intestinal stem cell aging in Drosophila


Figure 1C. EC-specific knockdown of DDR cause EC cell death. EC-specific knockdown of Mre11, Rad50, Nbs1, ATM, ATR, Chk1, or Chk2 induce JNK activation in ECs. Flies carrying Myots>GFP (a-a’), Myots>GFP+Mre11i (b-b’), Myots>GFP+Rad50i (c-c’), Myots>GFP+Nbs1i (d-d’), Myots>GFP+ATMi (e-e’), Myots>GFP+ATRi (f-f’), Myots>GFP+Chk1i (g-g’), or Myots>GFP+Chk2i (h-h’) genotypes were cultured at 29°C for 4 days. a-h panels depict the merged images and a’-h’ panels denote the gray scale versions for the images corresponding to pJNK signals. Original magnification is 400×. (i) A graph showing the ratio of pJNK+ cells in Myo-GFP+ cells. The data (mean ± SE) from 5 guts, respectively. ***p < 0.0001. The guts of flies were dissected and labeled with anti-GFP (green) and anti-pJNK (red) antibodies and DAPI (blue).