Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 3 pp 322—338

Deficiency in DNA damage response of enterocytes accelerates intestinal stem cell aging in Drosophila


Figure 4A. High sensitivity to mild oxidative stresses exhibited by flies with EC-specific knockdown of DNA damage response (DDR)-related factors. Death rate at the early stage of flies with the knockdown of EC-specific DDR-related factors. Flies carrying Myots>GFP (closed circle), Myots>GFP+Mre11i (open circle), Myots>GFP+Rad50i (closed inverted triangle), Myots>GFP+Nbs1i (open triangle), Myots>GFP+ATMi (closed quadrangle), Myots>GFP+ATRi (open quadrangle), Myots>GFP+Chk1i (closed rhombus), or Myots>GFP+Chk2i (open rhombus) genotypes were cultured at 29 °C and survivors were counted every two days (n=62, 82, 56, 58, 77, 92, 78, 59, respectively).