Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 3 pp 402—424

Preferential Ty1 retromobility in mother cells and nonquiescent stationary phase cells is associated with increased concentrations of total Gag or processed Gag and is inhibited by exposure to a high concentration of calcium

Figure 10. A Ty1-less S. paradoxus strain background does not yield a Q cell fraction and has a short chronological lifespan. (A) Proportion of Q cells from stationary phase cultures following density gradient fractionation of the S. cerevisiae (cer) and S. paradoxus (par) zero and high Ty1 copy strains. Data are from three trials. (B) Chronological lifespan at 20˚C determined by measuring cell viability through trypan blue dye exclusion for three trials with a wild type S. cerevisiae strain (S. cer) and the zero and high Ty1 copy S. paradoxus strains. (C) Growth rates (cell doublings per hour) for three trials of a wild type S. cerevisiae strain (cer) and four trials of the zero and high Ty1 copy S. paradoxus strains (par) grown in rich medium with glucose (YPD) or glycerol (YP + Gly) as a carbon source. All data are mean values with standard deviation. Triple asterisks indicate p<0.001.