Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 3 pp 402—424

Preferential Ty1 retromobility in mother cells and nonquiescent stationary phase cells is associated with increased concentrations of total Gag or processed Gag and is inhibited by exposure to a high concentration of calcium

Figure 4. Fractionated Q and NQ cells show expected phenotypes. The relative level of WGA Alexa-488 staining of bud scars relative to unstained cells (A), percentage of cells with buds less than or equal to 50% the size of mothers (B), that could form colonies on YPD medium after heat shock at 52˚C for 20 minutes (C), or that could form colonies on YPD medium without treatment (D) for Q and NQ cells fractionated from populations grown for seven to eight days at 20˚C. (E) Proportion of fractionated Q cells in SC or YPD medium determined by counting cells by microscopy. Mean and standard deviations for seven or ten trials are shown and double asterisks indicate p<0.01 compared to NQ cells.