Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 951—972

Non-senescent Hydra tolerates severe disturbances in the nuclear lamina


Figure 5. HyLMN displays a dynamic distribution in the nucleus through the cell cycle. A series of images from ectodermal epithelial cells at different phases of the mitotic cell cycle. In an interphase nucleus, HyLMN forms a thin rim around the chromatin - the lamina. In the prophase, with the onset of chromosome condensation, fragmentation of the nuclear lamina starts. In the metaphase and anaphase, when chromosomes are completely condensed, form a metaphase plate and are separated in two sets, HyLMN is redistributed to the cytoplasmic pool. In the telophase two separated sets of chromosomes are enclosed within new forming envelopes. From a homogeneous cytoplasmic pool HyLMN aggregates to form laminas of the daughter cells. Immunodetection of Lamin (anti-HyLMN, green), DNA (TO-PRO, blue), and merged image. Scale bar: 10 μm.