Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 951—972

Non-senescent Hydra tolerates severe disturbances in the nuclear lamina


Figure 8. Constitutive knock-down of hyLMN is lethal. (A) Two shRNA constructs used for constitutive knock-down of hyLMN - hairpin405-929 and hairpin1209-1707. Both were driven by the actin promotor (actin-P) and flanked by actin terminator (actin-T) sequences and contained a reporter GFP sequence. (B) Embryos injected with the constitutive HyLMN hairpin construct (HyLMN-hp405-929, n=163) showed dramatically lower transgenesis efficiency compared to the embryos injected with a control construct based on the same vector lacking the hairpin cassette (GFP: n=66) or to the embryos injected with the HyLMN overexpression construct (HyLMN-OE: n=37). Efficiency of the transgenesis with the same hairpin in the inducible vector backbone (indHyLMN-hp405-929, n=54) was restored.