Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 988—999

A novel functional polymorphism of GFAP decrease glioblastoma susceptibility through inhibiting the binding of miR-139

Figure 2. SNP rs11558961 affects luciferase activities in U251 cells. (A) The schematic diagrams of reporter plasmids construct. It shows the luciferase reporters carrying two copies of rs11558961-C allele, G allele or mutant sequence at the 3'UTR of luciferase gene. (B) This plot represents the theoretical miRNA-mRNA duplex pairing between miR-139 and GFAP 3′UTR with C, G allele or mutant. The C, G alleles and mutant are highlighted with asterisks (*). (C, D) Relative luciferase activities (vs. Renila luciferase) were measured in U251 cells transfected with C allele, G allele or mutant construct. Cells in different groups were treated with control miR, miR-139 mimic or antagomir-miR-139. Six replicates for each group and the experiment were repeated three times. *P<0.05, ns: non-significant compared between treatment group and control group.