Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 1089—1102

Repeated superovulation increases the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases by accelerating ovarian aging in mice

Figure 4. Effects of RS on the ovarian reserve of mice. (A) Photographs of the glass slides stained with HE in NC and RS mouse ovaries. Inset (upper right corner of each group) shows the number of primordial follicles (primordial follicles, red arrows). The images shown are at an original magnification of x200; insets are x400. (B) Bar graphs showed that the primordial follicle numbers of RS mice were significantly decreased compared to NC mice. (C) The mRNA expression of AMH decreased in RS mice. (D-E) The protein expression of AMH was determined using western blot analysis; bar graphs showed that the protein expression levels of AMH in RS mice were decreased compared to NC group.