Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 1146—1165

Roles of three Es-Caspases during spermatogenesis and Cadmium-induced apoptosis in Eriocheir sinensis

Figure 6. Changes of Es-Caspase 3/ Es-Caspase 8/ p53 in testis of E. sinensis after exposure to 40.28 mg/L Cd2+. Es-Caspase 3 and p53 level were detected by Western blot at 1d, 2d and 3d. Es-Caspase 8 was detected by Western blotting at 0.5d, 1d, 1.5d, 2d. 2.5d and 3d. After 1d induction, Es-Caspase 3 and Es-Caspase 8 increased abruptly. p53 presented the opposite variation. The level of Es-Caspase 3 and Es-Caspase 8 decreased with the increasing of treatment duration while p53 returned to the control level. β-actin was used as a control. All data were resulting from three repeats.