Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 5 pp 1166—1181

Impact of long-term antihypertensive and antidiabetic medications on the prognosis of post-surgical colorectal cancer: the Fujian prospective investigation of cancer (FIESTA) study


Figure 3. Kaplan-Meier survival curves per antihypertensive (the upper panel) and antidiabetic (the lower panel) medications. Abbreviations: CCB, calcium channel blocker; ACEI, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker. There were 30, 8 and 11 colorectal cancer patients who took ACEI or ARB or beta-blocker, CCB and other antihypertensive drugs, respectively. There were 5, 21 and 9 colorectal cancer patients who took metformin, non-metformin and other antidiabetic drugs, respectively. Log-rank test was not significant for both antihypertensive (p: 0.978) and antidiabetic (p: 0.778) medications.